Why Initiate Project SA?

South Africa finds itself in a very challenging situation. The economy struggles to generate enough jobs. Valuable human capital is lost and capital flight is escalating. Political challenges reduce effective leadership. Socially, the moral decay ruins our youth while crime keep rising. However, we believe this point of desperation in the nation is the ideal opportunity for true transformation at all levels of society. The following 7 GOALS are therefore set for Project SA:

  • To inspire a critical mass of Kingdom nation-builders in South Africa to bring a tipping point for godly change.
  • To raise the impact of Kingdom initiatives in changing SA and become the ‘glue’ (or cement) that connects them, increasing collective momentum & inspiring new initiatives.
  • To fund the spiritual and economic transformation of South Africa.
  • To create value for financial contributors and shape an economic safety net for the nation.
  • Be seed to unlock community economies, local human capabilities and raise leaders.
  • To be a carrier of H.O.P.E. to the nation (H.O.P.E. = Heaven On Planet Earth) #GoodNews24
  • Be a balm of healing in South Africa (healing the nation, restoring & letting SA flourish).
 To specifically enable (from the start):
  • Improved coordination of Kingdom initiatives across SA, but also within each city/town.
  • Impact: Send people with specific skills for community transformation across SA and send speakers that carry a pure anointing to break yokes in the nation (Isaiah 10:27), to birth a new national vision and equip and teach believers in how to become nation changers.
  • Kingdom organisations in South Africa to bring change more effectively as a united front in different spheres of society. Improving coordination and Kingdom impact.
  • Cross-pollination of transformation initiatives amongst different communities all over SA so that best-practices/models are shared and leaders are raised up.
  • ‘Economic release’ in communities (from hunger, poverty, lack of skills, etc) to set in motion new economic cycles, thus shaping an economic system that best fits Africa.

Key guiding Scriptures: Isaiah 61; Luke 14:28-33; Jer 31:23-25; Eph 2:10; 3:10-12; Neh 3; Eze 37; Matt 6:10.