Our Shared Goals

To inspire a critical mass of Kingdom nation-builders in SA to bring a tipping point for real change.


Project SA is NOT about commercialisation and NOT a political initiative. It is about rebuilding the nation and involving all our peoples. A Kingdom-orientated approach is followed that is impact-driven and unity-minded. The ultimate GOAL is the healing and flourishing of the nation to the glory of God alone.

Where there’s unity, the Lord commands a blessing! (Psalm 133)

So, more specifically and in summary, PROJECT SA IS:

  1. A Storehouse for the nation and an Economic Ark that’s shaping an economic safety net for South Africa, starting at community level (bottom-up economic approach).
  2. A way to coordinate Kingdom transformation in SA for greater Kingdom impact.
  3. A unifying force for restoration, healing and true progress as a nation.
  4. A stimulus for raising good leaders that stand for Biblical principles.
  5. An anchor for Biblical values, a plumb line for building with Biblical standards and a guide to build (or rebuild SA) on the Cornerstone, Jesus Christ.