How Will Project SA Roll Out

The PROJECT SA Strategy consist of 7 PILLARS that will guide the implementation process:

  1. Casting a clear Vision in support of Kingdom transformation in South Africa.
  2. Involve three specific groups of people as key role players in Kingdom transformation:
    • Kingdom champions (organisations & individuals now making a strong impact)
    • Josephs (business people & individuals feeling called to support financially)
    • Nehemiah’s (ground level nation-builders actively transforming communities)
  3. Changing the national narrative through promoting inspiring stories and messages. E.g. starting an App called GoodNews24 and visible expressions of H.O.P.E. all over SA.
  4. Active nation-building (projects & initiatives) that starts changing communities.
  5. Provide mechanisms to coordinate Kingdom transformation activies across SA.
  6. Construct a National Security Network all over SA (OpsRooms in towns/cities, etc).
  7. Build a National Prayer Army to pray for change, breakthroughs and serve as a prayer cover for our nation. Watchmen on the wall interceding & breaking strongholds down.