What is Project SA?

It is a network of nation-builders committed in a united front to rebuild South Africa based on Biblical principles. Like in the days of Nehemiah, we take hands to rebuild the walls of our nation (practical transformation); and in the days of Joseph, to properly steward the resources of Africa (building a storehouse); and in the days of Jesus and the early church, to bring true change (spiritual transformation). PROJECT SA is an Action Plan to turn the tide. Building an Economic Ark is envisioned to fund national transformation and create an economic safety net for the people of South Africa. Finding lasting solutions in communities is a primary objective. A comprehensive approach is followed involving all stakeholders – individuals, organisations and movements – who share the same values in seeing South Africa flourish to the glory of God. Practical transformation is combined with spiritual transformation in a powerful way such as not yet been seen in history.

Keywords: network, nation-building, impact funding, storehouse, values-driven, unity.

What does Project SA offer?

  1. A network approach to a unifying Kingdom vision for South Africa.
  2. A financing model for true transformation and shaping an economic safety net for SA.
  3. Coordination of Kingdom advancement in South Africa: OpsRooms all over SA to map transformation initiatives, strategies and role players. Website as information central.
  4. Sustained inspiration for active nation-building (and, for instance, the Project SA logo seen everywhere (Kingdom partners, billboards, media, etc) like Proudly SA).
  5. GoodNews24 – stories of hope to shape a new narrative in SA (for new mindsets).
  6. National security network (collaboration between the Military Vets, local security, etc)
  7. Intercessor network across SA (network of existing prayer networks: A Praying SA, to share critical and strategic info with to pray through; to build prayer momentum).

What does Project SA consist of from a funding perspective?

  • Humanity Unlimited (Art. 18(A) NPC) [Project SA bank account already available] click here for details
  • Advisory Board (consisting of 12 well-respected leaders representative of SA)
  • National Coordinators (consisting of 7 skilled leaders, ensuring functional effectiveness and financial accountability)
  • Financial contributors/nation-builders/organisations (a united front of Kingdom-focused nation changers taking hands all over South Africa – from community level to national level).