Who Will be the Key Groups

Project SA must inspire the Josephs of the nation to take hands as a “Joseph Company” to build a storehouse for SA. Through job creation and community projects, we want to unlock local economies. Building key capacities and stimulating local economies is the heartbeat of Project SA, together with deep spiritual transformation. Central in this vision is healing the society, healing the economy and healing the governance of communities. By inspiriting collective responsibility-taking by community members, self-sustainable communities are shaped. From all races, genders and ages PROJECT SA consist of essentially three nation builder groups that take hands:

  1. DAVIDS/ESTHERS: Frontline Kingdom Leaders, Kingdom Organisations/Initiatives
  2. JOSEPHS: Kingdom Stewards and Storehouse Keepers
  3. NEHEMIAHS: Local Nation-builders Doing Ground Level Kingdom Transformation

Rewriting the South African story…

The most important thing is to realise that we have a huge opportunity in front of us in South Africa. Systems and structures are coming to a point, making way for new solutions. The people of SA are ready to find new answers for the economy, governance and for unlocking the country’s potential. The timing is perfect to TRANSFORM SOCIETY according to Biblical principles and moral values. However, to rebuild the walls, it will ask something special of us. We must form a UNITED FRONT of nation-builders, ready to take hands in communities.

Policy & Philosophy Framework (our DNA)

The main focus of Project SA is exponential community transformation from a Kingdom perspective as part of a national vision to unlock South Africa’s hidden potential. It follows a collaborative approach that strengthens relationships and trust among diverse role players. The central motivation that brings us all together is a heart for combining practical and spiritual transformation in communities. We are inclusive as we take hands to rebuild the nation. Project SA is therefore a dynamic STRATEGY that unifies bridge-builders through a culture of honour and respect. We share a commitment to break vicious cycles ravaging our communities such as poverty, waste and all other negativity cycles with the intention to turning them into virtuous cycles that breathes new life into communities, thus restoring hope in South Africa. As a family of caretakers, we are guided by Biblical values of which love is first; and together with servant hearts, we are ambassadors for Kingdom transformation. Project SA is not an “anti-movement” – that is, anti-government or anti-denominations or anti any organisation. Instead, Project SA exists to help the nation reach its full potential to the benefit of all. It has no agenda other than a pure Kingdom agenda as stated in Matthew 6:33, and has resolved that no other agenda will be accommodated in its operations. Project SA is also not involved in any form of commercialisation and it is not a political initiative. It is impact-driven and unity-minded in seeking lasting solutions to the challenges we face in South Africa. We occupy ourselves with socio-economic transformation in creating “winning-communities”. The ultimate GOAL is the healing and flourishing of our nation to the glory of God alone.